Barnstaple Green Burial has been created to offer a natural final resting place for you or your loved one. The site will remain open 24 hours a day.

The site is owned freehold by us, Geoff & Rose Gillard and will eventually be passed on to our children and grandchildren who will continue to manage and maintain the Burial site.

Terms & Conditions

  • Single, double and side by side plots are available as well as ashes plots, please see our price list.

  • A tree can be planted in memory of your loved one, over the course of time we would like to create an orchard. Please contact us for details of the trees available to choose from. The tree will then be planted in the planting season, according to the supplier’s instructions i.e. between October and March.

  • All coffins are to be completely biodegradable or alternatively a shroud may be used.

  • Embalming of bodies is not permitted.

  • No memorials are permitted with the exception of a small wooden memorial (which you will provide) which can be laid flat on the grave so that it lays level with the ground, this memorial will of course gradually degrade over the course of time.

  • No plastic flowers but real flowers are permitted but must be laid flat on the grave – no vases or receptacles please.

  • Please take care on entering and leaving the site, all visitors enter at their own risk and we ask that the site is treated with care and respect.

  • There is parking on the site, however, there are no other facilities available such as toilets or shelter and we respectfully ask that you take any litter away with you.

  • Gravedigging will be done by us, Geoff has been a gravedigger since 1997.

  • Dogs are permitted but we respectfully ask that you pick up any dog litter and remove it from the site.

As with any Natural Burial site, we do not permit any man-made items on or around the graves.